Osteoarthritis halted by treating bone

Scientists at Johns Hopkins Medicine have discovered that degeneration of bone underneath cartilage plays a key role in osteoarthritis and exacerbates the damage, and treating this can prevent damage. 4 June

Microscope section of rat cartilage with osteoarthritis. Left, without treatment. Right, with treatment.

Blood test for pregnant women diagnoses Down's Syndrome in foetus
A non-invasive test that analyzes foetal DNA in a pregnant woman’s blood can accurately detect Down’s syndrome and other genetic foetal abnormalities in the first trimester. 7 June 2013

EU-wide call for projects to develop mobile access to EMRs across borders
The EC-funded DECIPHER PCP project aims to create a mobile information system that will allow primary and emergency care doctors to access medical records of patients from other EU countries using secure mobile technology. 7 June 2013

Baby's life saved by 3D-printed tracheal splint
Doctors at the University of Michigan have saved the life of a 20-month-old baby with a collapsed trachea by printing a custom designed splint based on a CT scan of his trachea. With video. 4 June

Netherlands embracing generics to counter growing healthcare costs
With the elderly making up an ever greater share of the country’s population, the Netherlands is increasingly supporting its generics sector in an attempt to address mounting healthcare costs, says a new report from industry experts GlobalData.

Denmark healthcare market bouncing back after recession
The Danish healthcare market is showing healthy signs of recovery following the crippling global financial crisis of 2008, says the latest report from business intelligence providers GlobalData: Healthcare, Regulatory and Reimbursement Landscape — Denmark.


Robotic surgery in the home: is this the future? 

Robots have established a foothold in surgery but what role will they play 20 years from now? Dr Paula Gomes of Cambridge Consultants looks at Surgical robots and robot surgeons

MTB Europe launches new Marcomms Service for medical technology vendors
MTB Europe has launched a range of marketing and communications services for vendors and suppliers in the medical technology sector. From writing services to social media campaigns. See more ...